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books on bill o' you get copies of the declaration of independence, free of charge, you can frame them up. great. >> and finally tonight the factor tip of the day. now, as i said earlier this week, the way many americans treat the elderly in this country is flat-out wrong. as you may know, in countries like japan, senior citizens are respected and revered. and here many older folks are ignored or even worse, put into facilities that could not care less about them. it's heart breaking. so, let's all do this this weekend. all of us. pick out a senior citizen whom you admire, know and admire, send that person out of the blue some flowers, a gift basket, something like that. it doesn't have to be big. and just give them a nice surprise. sign your name, with a nice
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note. want to do something to make america a better place? there you go. factor tip of the day. and that's it for us tonight. from arizona, please check out the fox news factor website, different from and spout off from anywhere in the world. and name and town, word of the day do not be a visigoth. there's behavior behind it. i'm bill o'reilly reporting from phoenix and please remember, that the spin stops here in the valley of the sun. because we're definitely looking out for you. >> welcome to hannity, the
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clock is ticking on the budget hatchet known as sequestration, the poison pill that's supposed to send a compromise, such a bad idea that nobody would let it happen. but the march 1st deadline is days away with no last minute deal in sight and let's take a look back and see how we got back into this mess and this began two years ago as the negotiations broke down between the president and congress over raising the debt ceiling. >> july, 2011 with budget and debt ceiling negotiations stalled, leaders from both parties tried to force a compromise and now bob woodward spoke, the price of politics details a white house idea to guarantee that their plan would lead to results down the road. at 2:30 p.m., jack lew and rob nabors went to meet with the chief. and we had an idea for a trigger, lew said. what's the idea, reid said
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skeptically. sequestration, it was a bomb no one wanted to drop and an action forcing event. >> we're going to be able to come to some agreement with the white house and end this impasse. >> we're been willing to say that there could be a sequestration as long as it included some revenue. >> and the automatic cuts would slash defense and domestic spending, both sides claim victory. >> 98% of what i wanted. i'm pretty happy. >> and leaders of both parties in both chambers have reached an agreement. it establishes a bipartisan committee of congress to report back by november. tough cuts that both parties would find objectionable would automatically go into effect if we don't have. >> one of the great national security threats is the d dysfunctionalty of the congress. >> november, 2011 as the thanksgiving deadline looms, president obama heads to hawaii. my hope is that over the next
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several days, the congressional leadership on the supercommittee go ahead and bite the bullet and do what needs to be done. >> sean: but the supercommittee collapses. >> and they did not coalesce around a plan. >> thanksgiving comes and goes, and is reached. and february 2012, republican senators proposed alternative cuts to prevent the sequester from slashing defense. democrats say no way. some members of congress promise to the constituents we're holding our own feet to the hire, my fellow americans and then a few months later decided we didn't mean it, let's change that. that's not how it works. >> they should keep their words. >> suddenly, no one wants to take credit for the sequester. >> the sequester is not something i propose, it's something that congress proposes, it will not happen. >> and as the march deadline comes closer, everyone tries to get farther and farther from blame. >> his party needs to follow
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through. >> sequestration is a republican policy and it's a bad policy. >> put this to rest, whose idea was this sequester? >> the at first, it was the white house. but let's be clear. republicans embraced it. every member of the house republican leadership voted for it. >> the president is part of this sequester. and the white house recommended it, frankly, i don't know if it is folks leave stuff until the last minute. >> joining us now jay sekulow, senator for law and justice. and dennis kucinich. welcome back to the program and both of you see it. >> sean, thank you. >> you know, it matters who did, in terms of putting this idea forward, and dennis kucinich, it does matter, doesn't it? it was the president's idea and it shouldn't be in dispute and now he's seeing the horrible things about it. ironic and hypocritical for him to go out there and demagogue what he himself proposed, isn't it? >> i think that the white house never expected that the
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sequestration would actually happen. i thought that they looked at the it as a negotiating strategy, what you have on your earlier report is absolutely right. i mean, this idea started with the white house and they took it to the democratic leadership in the senate. the leaders in both the democrat and republican party in the house and the senate signed on to this. the president signed the bill into law which set the super committee and set in motion the process if the super committee failed we go to sequestration. >> wasn't it more election strategy. the president did this because he wanted to get reelected and didn't want to face the debt ceiling again, isn't this the cause of this? >> you know, what causes me to answer your question yes is this: you look at the exchange between barack obama and mitt romney and the august 22nd. 2012 debate where president obama disclaimed any involvement in the sequester, so, at some point they decided they had to get away from the sequester, it was an election
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issue and now they're stuck with it and now we're all stuck with it. >> and isn't that a lie. can't we call things what they are? >> i mean, that seemed to be of all things-- jay? >> no, you're absolutely correct. the president owns this. he owns sequester, but sean, i think another paioint has to be made. this is a faux crisis, it's not a real crisis. these sequester cuts are not going to end our republic as we know it, number one. number two, the president as you said owns this, it was his idea. he thought it would never happen, well, guess what? he gets a revenue increase, he doesn't wan to make cuts and now it's happening. it's a poison pill that he's forced to swallow here and interesting to see how they're trying to put it off on the republicans now, that's not going to work, no one's going to buy that. >> everybody i think in this audience, i think is sophisticated enough, congressman, to know what baseline government is and
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government projects massive increases every year and borrowing, a trillion dollars a year and 47 cents of every dollar we're borrowing. this year's budget with all of the president and demagoguing and doom and gloom and pre he dixes a -- predictions, he acts as though this is a mayan apocalypse that the book of revelations, the seas have been opened and the hell and fury of the final days is upon us. cannot be true. why did he do this? >> well, sean, when things get down to partisan politics, and where truth becomes the parcel of one party or the other party, we've got a problem and that's where we're at with the sequester. the bigger questions, what are we going to do about our country. how do we get people back to work. how do we get small businesses going again and larger questions that are totally ignored in this and what i find astonishing, sean, at
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this very time that we're concerned about how we're spending money and we're concerned about the defense budget we're getting ready to send 4,000 u.s. troops to 35 different countries and africa to start to get involved there and we can't even take care of things at home and telling people in africa how to take care of their affairs. >> and i look at washington, jay sekulow and everything should be looked at in this perspective. should that be worth breaking open our children's piggy banks, generational theft and stealing from our kids. if we can't get 85 billion dollars out of 3.8 trillion that we're spending, this is a lost cause. we'll never balance the budget. >> that's why i keep-- yeah, that's why i keep saying and dennis agrees with it. this is in one sense, this is not a manufactured crisis, it's a fake crisis, it's a faux crisis and it's not going to change anything if the sequester were to go into effect.
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what has to be reiterated. this is the president's idea, his staff's idea. and by the way, the secretary of treasury and this is their idea to put this in place and they're having to deal with it. >> well, jay and sean, i agree with what you're saying, this is manufacturer or faux crisis, the fact of the matter is, there will be consequences made based on the decisions when they start talking about cutting and that will prepare real crisis and it may start as an farce, but could end as a tragedy. >> you're pointing out something that few democrats seem willing to point out. we keep accumulating this debt. eventually the markets are going to say, well, we don't really trust lending you morning anymore and only how much the federal reserve can do, frankly, they've done enough damage as it is and does america begin the spiral towards greece? my father is one day these cuts will come, but they will be imposed on us just like
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greece. just like spain, just like italy and portugal. >> we're the united states of america, we're not going to accept that kind of an austerity program and we're not going down the tubes, we've got to fight back, we need congress to work together and the president to work with the congress. and all of this-- how can you work with a man who says they want to poison the air and water and how do you work with somebody like that. >> look, this is what happens-- the reality is. >> wait a minute, hold it, this is what happens when partisanship runs amok. cooler heads will pre sail at some point and you shouldn't attack people you'll end up working with. >> and the president is as guilty as anybody. >> yeah, but the-- that's the politics of it. the reality is this, ask yourself this question, what i'm asking myself. we've got a serious fiscal crisis, no doubt about it. why ask yourself this and af been covering this, sean, why are we sending f-16's we're' borrowing money from the chinese to give money to the muslim brotherhood government,
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including 20, f-16's and 200-- and why are we doing this? that kind of fiscal spending is out of control and to would come to roost on us and our grandchildren. >> sean: and when we come back, we'll talk about the president and the demagogue, and the lap dogs suck up to obama media. we'll get to that. only they care about is a picture of obama playing golf with tiger woods. we'll have more with jdavid kucinich and jay sekulow. >> and this, for the first time i am ashamed. >> sean: and find out what happened in oscar pistorius' courtroom that may suggest he may not be facing a guilty may not be facing a guilty verdict after alalalalalalal
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>> tonight and "hannity." jay sekulow and dennis kucinich. and put out by crossroads. >> these cuts here in washington and sequestration are a bad idea. are you willing to see a bunch of first responders and teachers laid off, air traffic controller and airport security hardship on people, seniors, middle class family scrambled to find child care for their kids. and cancer screening, a bad
9:17 pm
idea, a bad idea. >> sequester was the administration's ideas. >> president obama's idea. >> and find it into law and the question, the white house recommended it and back in augu august. >> it seems like every three months around here, there's some manufacturing crisis. >> sean: congressman kucinich, we've talked about this earlier. this president constantly demagogues, fear mongers, he disputes, the media, the lap dogs suck up to obama, they constantly regurgitate what you want. you want the republicans to negotiate, how do you negotiate with somebody that is constantly lying about you to advance his cause? how do you do it? >> the first thing you have to do is to try to establish mutual respect. not with stng the tactffactactf- notwithstanding the fact that
9:18 pm
you've got to take the negotiation from there. i have abeen in situations like this, you have to ignore what's being said in terms of criticism and pay attention. >> sean: you agree demagogue, and you agree that the republicans dirty air, dirty water. >> and sean, the reason i was successful in congress, i stayed away from the name calling. >> sean: and the president misrepresents republicans on a regular basis, say it in a nice way to satisfy you. does he constantly mischaracterize the-- >> he has to to advance it. >> he has to, this is where we are on political discourse, to be effective he has to demagogue and call names. >> i'm not justifying it. >> i'm-- >> that's not justification, that's explanation. >> but you're saying he has to do it. >> i'm saying that-- >> let's not get derailed
9:19 pm
here, they decided to take the approach to polarize. polarization is bad for america. >> and who made the decision to do this? >> there aren't any angels in this. you know, you've got people on both sides of the aisle that are playing the game. i'm saying, this partisan politics has gotten so bad. it's wrecking the country, but he's the president. >> the crisis. >> dennis, he's the president. >> it's on both sides. he's got the bully pulpit and he's the one, republicans their plan is dirty air and dirty water. >> he wants this to happen. he wants this to happen. >> he says the most outrageous things. >> we know what he's doing, sean, we know what he's doing, but i personally don't do the demonization stuff. i can't do it. republicans want-- >> wait a minute, kids with down syndrome, elder elder to
9:20 pm
for themselves. >> and first responders are gone and the they're out of work. >> and i think it's a faux cliff, i don't think it's real and most people agree with that. this is a politically manufactured crisis, a politically fake crisis in order to score points. and the reality, they're already looking at the mid term he elections believe it or not and we've just gone through a series and dennis, you're saying the president has to do this to succeed is a troubling statement and if it's true, i don't doubt your integrity on this, we've got a problem on that. >> time out, i walk that back saying i was describing something, not that he should do something, i was describing basically the approach that's been taken. so i just want to make sure that you understand what i'm saying, miss that's a partisan approach that's been taken in order to try to jack up the stakes for the 2014 election, i'm not saying that i endorse it-- >> i believe i think that's right and i agree. >> don't you think that the media in this country is doing the country a disservice, that
9:21 pm
the democracy won't work until the media does its job. for example, wouldn't you like to know why was he for sequestration before he was against it, why, what is he going to do about russia flying nuclear missiles over guam. what is he going to do about chinese hacking? he never gets asked the basic questions, why did he give us a 6 trillion dollar debt when he said that bush was irresponsible and unpatriotic. they don't ask the questions. >> we're still trying it figure out what happened in benghazi, what the president is going to try to do in the middle east and all of this is going on and no answers because no one is asking the question. the mainstream media will not answer or ask the tough questions, joins, mr. president, do you-- you weren't chief of staff, and then with the sequester idea, yes or no and the answer is yes. >> good to he see you both. thank you, dennis, good to see you, jay, have a good weekend, guys, we're going to deal with the media later and ahead tonight some good news for olympian, oscar pistorius as a
9:22 pm
judge granted him bail. what does it mean for the murder case, does it hint at the possibility walking free. we're going to ask if things are looking up for the blade runner, his words triggered a viral response and caused his website to crash and why rush limbaugh's words caused so much. >> to have our common sense and intelligence insulted the and intelligence insulted the way it's being is great, everybody made it.
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ichlt. >> ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in my life i am ashamed of my country. to be watching all of this, to be treated, have my intelligence all of us, to have our common sense and intelligence insulted the way it's being is -- it just makes me ashamed. seriously, man, i mean, get worked up over 44 billion dollars, that's the total amount of money that will not be spent that was scheduled to be spent this year.
9:27 pm
and in truth, we're going to spend more this year than we spent last year. we're just not going to send as much as was projected. it's all budgeting, there is no real cut below a baseline of zero, there just isn't. and yet, here they come. sucks us in, roping us in, panic here, fear there, crisicrisis destruction, no meat inspection, no firefighters, no air traffic control. i'm sorry, my days of getting roped into all this are over. >> those are comments made by rush limbaugh yesterday on his radio program. they went viral and even caused his website to crash. joining me now with reaction to what he said. raid he yo talk show host is with us. and joe trippi.
9:28 pm
dana, welcome, good to have you back on the program. >> it's good to be back, sean, thanks for having me. >> sean: i guess we could say it another way. i think it's embarrassing when a president apologizes for america, and that all of our wealth 50 million americans because of policies, one in six americans are poverty, i'm embarrassed that we're stupid enough not to drill for oil. i'm embarrassed that we give the egyptian the under morsi, f-16 and tanks, i'm kind of embarrassed that our government is so dumb. it's embarrassing, isn't it? >> well, sean, you're embarrassed and rush is ashamed. and-- >> you know why? this is america, we can do better. we're making dumb decisions. >> no, and i defend your right to be em bored and his right to be ashamed. >> thanks. >> no, but i actually agree with-- i don't agree with the ashamed part, but look, this is a
9:29 pm
manufactured crisis and both parties are to blame. that's where we differ, i just don't think that this is the president manufacturing. and republicans manufactured it and the american people are sick of both sides for continuing to keep, you know, every three months there's another manufactured crisis. >> sean: great leadership by the president? well-- >> you have to have both. >> i believe the same republicans manufactured it is manufacturing even more hysteria. here we had two pieces of legislation that were aiming to give an alternative to these cuts. they never made it out of the house because harry reid controls the senate. he shoots down. i don't know what to be terrified of more. we have global warming, assault weapons and sequester cuts. everything, everything we're supposed to be terrified and screaming and we're going to go blind if we don't pass this or quite it. this president, this is his idea. he said november 21st, 2011, i
9:30 pm
will veto any attempt to reduce these cuts. they need to own this and republicans should go out there and say, you know what? we think it's great. we love that the president is finally getting serious about spending. >> we're not getting serious and rush made the point and dana, you said the point, i made the point, we're' spending more money this year than last year. you would think listening to obama-- only in washington when you spend more money year to year is that doom and gloom and a cut. >> sean, was this when bush-- when bush-- >> i don't want to hear about bush, bush is out of office five years and get over it. >> i don't remember this outrage when he was outspending the previous seven presidents. >> sean: he never-- excuse me, the-- go ahead, dana. >> if bush did it so bad, why is he constantly used as an excuse for everything that president obama did. i thought he ran on a platform of change.
9:31 pm
>> and we go back to bush and i'm saying that there's some hypocrisy going on because it's okay when he did it and not okay when obama did it. >> bush gave us 4 trillion in debt over eight years and obama gave us 6 trillion in four years and now obama the candidate says-- >> and two wars and had to-- >> irresponsible and unpatriotic. is obama unpatriotic? >> no, the real problem, you've got the republicans in the house are not admitting or nothing that they propose takes into the-- into account that there is a democratic senate and a democratic president. and frankly, what the president and the democratic senate takes into account is that there's a republican house. >> dana. >> and dependent think just get the tax increase. wait, didn't we just raise taxes? obamacare taxes, fiscal cliff, didn't we just raise taxes on the evil rascally rich people? >> we did. we did and we had the stimulus that was supposed to solve everything, that should have fixed everything.
9:32 pm
why do we still have this problem? we have the balanced approach. >> now we've got a cut and-- >> we're spending 15, what, 2% less? i mean, we're spending just a little bit less. this is a slow rate of cuts for spending. that's all this is and everyone's acting like we're all going blind and jesus is going to appear in the sky if this happens. the president supported this in 2011 and i think he should-- >> i don't think that jesus likes the tax and render undo caesar that which is caesar's which is nothing. and trillion dollars of dollars and we're robbing our kids blind. don't you liberals care about the children, don't you care? you're robbing the children. no, sean, we don't care about-- come on, come on, it's like-- >> and air and water, too. >> no, but look, the senate plan, we know it's 55 billion in new-- in new revenue and 55 billion
9:33 pm
in cuts. >> sean: but you're going to throw grandma over the cliff, he joe? your policies are going to throw granny over the cliff if we cut 85 billion dollars out of 3.8 trillion? that's what-- >> and the animals at the zoo, too. and posted a whole article on that. >> no, thele really problem with the 85 billion isn't-- 85 billion shouldn't be a problem the at all. and neither should 110. it's that there's no flexibility. i mean, the defense doesn't have any flexibility how the cuts happen. >> sean: because obama is insisting on another tax increase and not just cuts. he got two tax increases and now he's insisting on another one and republicans think like i do, we're taxed enough. >> exactly. we already had our tax hike. we don't need anymore, find another alternative. >> sean: yeah, joe, i'm sick of paying more taxes so you can kill grandma and poison the water. >> i have gotten that message from you, sean. >> sean: all right. by the way, i did--
9:34 pm
joe, honestly, i really don't believe you want to do that. it may shock people and republicans and conservatives actually want to drink pure, natural spring water. >> we love it. >> sean: and guess what? we love our grandmothers and don't want to steal from our kids' piggy bank. good to see you. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: log on to our special companion site, hannity live and share your thoughts on pending sequestration, a judge grants the blade runner bail. and does it say that his defense argument is taking old. and al sharpton tells the reverend what he is binds them together. and audacity never ceases to amaze. >> they would prefer to see >> they would prefer to see these kinds ever cuts [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> welcome back to "hannity." major developments in the case of olympic star oscar pistorius. after emotional testimony from both sides a south african magistrate granted the double amputee track star bail. listen to this. >> i've come to the conclusion that the accused has made a case to be released on bail. >> sean: now, pistorius is charged with premeditated murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp and he will be free from custody while awaiting trial june the 4th. now the point is, does this point to the possibility he could eventually be found not good night. and here is kimberly guilfoyle and spencer. you say you think he's going
9:40 pm
to be found not guilty. >> we don't know if he did it-- >> we do know. >> there's a difference between an accident and a crime and the bail hearing has shown us one mistake after another by the government and it's going to be a difficult case and we know that the lead detective is contaminated evidence and high schohas his o case-- >> he was taken off the case. >> and his credibility is a very important factor in this case and i think it can have a very good effect for the defense. >> sean: kimberly. >> the problems of credibility for the lead detective and at h initial crime scene, so the things that he failed to do that he was negligent in and pointed out, contamination, all of that, can definitely go to mr. pistorius' advantage.
9:41 pm
do i think he's going to be found not guilty. no, i think he will be held accountable for the murder of his girlfriend, but i don't believe na the prosecution is going to be able to make the case for a premeditated murder, he so, it might be be something more like a criminally negligent homicide. >> sean: why was the magistrate so impressed with the idea that his lawyer read a statement that was obviously poured over, lines, i dotted and t's crossed. >> for the defense perspective. it's not common that we have an accused speaking so early on in the case and usually we don't hear from the accused at all. if we do it's not until the trial. i think the judge today showed us that he's really worried about the public perception. he even asked the lawyers about the public's perception. he spent almost an hour and a half talking about the evidence in this case on a bail hearing, so what that tells us is that the public attention, the press attention, it's going to have an impact on the outcome of the case. keep in mind this isn't going to be tried by a jury, okay?
9:42 pm
that's a big factor and you think about a high profile case, a national celebrity like o.j. simpson and the story for south africa. he's going to be tried by a judge and that's a different as suspect. >> and do you think that the-- >> somewhat, but's not going to be the one presiding over the actual trial so we're going to see how it it comes to play and i think quickly, the larger issue here, you know, this goes to show you the level of problem with domestic violence and not only in in country, but around the wormed, the cases that go unreported and then, you know, we're getting in case because of course, it's high profile, bringing attention to, you know, what happens disturbing. >> i want an answer to the question, in his statement and what he said, he did not have his prosthetics on, so weeon't we be able to tell-- >> the trajectory. >> if he's standing up, case over. >> and that's what one of the
9:43 pm
detectives testified to, based on the trajectory, it appears that he did have the prosthetics on and sort of rebut the defense allegation that he rushed over there. >> sean: that would be the nail in the coffin. >> not necessarily. >> sean: why not. >> we know that the detectives have contaminated the crime scene. >> sean: wait a minute, the trajectory has nothing to do with being contaminated. and prior inconsistent statements, that he was defenseless and frightened and went off the perpetrator and had the weapons that he walked over on his stumps, but that's not what the evident is showing. we've seen and heard that it's from an angle that he stopped to put on his trprosthetics. >> it's easy to monday morning quarterback, the first thing you're going to do tell whoever is in the house, hey, we have an intruder? >> yeah, problems with the
9:44 pm
evidence and people heard them arguing two hours beforehand. we like to think that we behave a certain way in a moment of crisis and tremendous fear. if his story is true, it's difficult to sort of judge how he believed. if he really believed there was an intruder, not wanting to delay and get his girlfriend awake and put her into perhaps more danger might be a thing. and kimberly brought up, he might not be found guilty of premeditated murder, but found guilty of a negligent homicide. he could avoid jail time altogether. >> what about the argument-- >> and yeah, but so far we're hearing some reports that there was fighting, arguing, heard, you know, between them and again, that's why i bringing up the domestic violence and you're going to hear a lot more about that as the case and facts-- >> such a shame, a beautiful woman. >> it's really a shame when you have a situation like that. you have to report it or get help or tell a friend if
9:45 pm
you're in a relationship to discuss these problems. >> sean: great to see you. >> great to watch you on "the five". great to be with us. >> thank you. >> sean: we'll talk with brent b bozell and the president's ♪ [ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you h heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists.
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. . >> welcome back to "hannity." the weekly mash, the way that mainstream media puts their spin on the mainstream news. go back to the material and we never run out. and brent bozell how are you, sir. >> brother hannity, how are you doing. >> sean: the lap dog, kiss-ass, suck up to obama media are at it again and he goes out with fear mongering and they regurgitate it, we're cutting 85 billion out of trillions, but they just regurgitate obama's lines. watch this. >> the impact over new fight and money over washington. another deadly rapidly approaching along with deep budget cuts, poised to have a major impact on the military, law enforcement and even food
9:50 pm
inspection. but the white house says virtually everybody will be hurt and we'll see long lines as tsa agents are furloughed and fbi and others forced off the job and 70,000 preschoolers out of the program. >> watch out like the asteroid. 86 billion dollars in budget cuts. now, what, they're dumb and lazy because we'll spend more this year than last year, none of them mention obama's extravagant life tile obama flying off to florida and michelle off to aspen, 185,000 an hour on air force one, none of them. >> sean, they're dumb and they're lazy, and they're also dishonest. if these cuts are going to trigger all those things, cutting the defense, we're not going to have defense or a police force, 70,000 school children can't go to school and we can't test our needs, the whole world is coming to an end.
9:51 pm
the question is, whose idea was this? this was obama's idea. no one's pointing that one out. >> sean: i am. >> and secondly, as we all know, sean, this isn't going to cost any of those things. >> if this 86 billion dollars, that's 2% of the budget. 2%. >> and it's nothing, and anybody watching this show right now, if you had to cut 2% of your household budget, could you do it? especially if the household budget was out of control in the spending? of course you could, so that's entertaining 6 billion, what they're saying, more than 22 billion, so it's-- there's nothing, none of this is going to happen, but this is just a typical fear mongering going on for 20 years, with the left. >> sean: chris mathews has a thrill up his leg, he's got two new partners over at nbc, axelrod and robert the propaganda gibbs.
9:52 pm
listen to mathews fantasizing about obama being on mt. rushmore. you can't make this stuff. he must wet his pants when he sees this man. >> is president obama suddenly becoming one of the great presidents in history. i'm not talking about mt. rushmore, but perhaps the level below it, using his words transformational and is he using the country's demographics to do it and xapg the hispanics with women to lob himself to the highest level of presidents. and if he was, and mt. rushmore, secretly, what would he be saying, that's what i'm trying to do. >> sean: they need to sandblast mt. rushmore and put him up there,'s he in a league of one's own the world president. >> and speaking of losing his
9:53 pm
head. chris mathews. to say that obama wants to be transformational is true, but to equate that with greatness is the different thing. and the greatest debt in history and more debt through washington than clinton combined. that's great. i don't think it's great. look at the economic record we have, we're back to jimmy carter days, look at our foreign policy. >> sean: by the end of this term. >> there's no greatness going on here. >> sean: by the end of this term he will have double the debt. one president, inherited 10 trillion dollars, it's 16 1/2, by the time he leaves he will have more than doubled the debt. more than every other president combined. all right, speaking of which, you know, the lack of transparency on benghazi, why were, for example, troops denied the security they asked and the ambassador denied that request. why weren't troops sent to help during the attack and why was there a cover upafter. the debt, the issues, the lab dog media, they don't cover
9:54 pm
it. if you listen to chuck todd, the political director. he's actually claiming it's a myth, there's anti-conservative bias and say it with a great face. >> the mythology of the big, bad, nonconservative media has gotten into some offices and so that there's this fear, oh, we can't do anything that's-- it's sort of this, and i feel like it's a mythology that now younger staffers believe and it infuses in these guys and they actually believe the spin out there, oh, my god, that's what the the mainstream media does, they do anything to disrupt the agenda. the mythology of this, the media's out to get conservatives is believed among more and more actual staffers. >> you notice he said that in fronts of an msnbc republican and of course, that was on the, i want to be loved by the establishment, joe scarboro show. >> right. the only mythology is that nbc is capable of producing news.
9:55 pm
i cannot remember the last time i watched a news program from that network where anyone could say it was anything less than propaganda for president obama. >> sean: i'm the only one in the media that never got invited to the obama christmas party in the media. everybody else did. >> that's so unfair. >> sean: we'll see them all at the washington's krnt's dinner. i think i'll pass, thank you, brent. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up tonight. >> my sense is that their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations. >> sean: all right. president obama stoops to a new low, wait until you hear what he says binds republicans together. that yououououououou ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus.
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